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  • Suche - Bezugsquelle Alarmsirene

    Hi all,

    I hope I am not posting this in the wrong thread, but from the parts that I have read (google-ated) it seems to be regarding the usual corrosion of the alarm siren (amongst other things).

    This is one of the issues I still need to fix, the corroded siren. I am trying to find a new siren (MB part 219-820-32-26) here in Spain, but so far only from the official dealers (around 150€). Is there anywhere you know online (in Europe) that stocks this part?

    Many thanks,
  • Hello James,

    you can use Mercedes part number A1718202526 and A2198203226.

    Both are available new and used at

    Or just look at ebay in other countries like and search for the part number without dashes. ;)

    Or just google for the part number. You'll also get the alarm sirene at your local Mercedes dealer in spain.

    Regards, Markus :winke:
    Chrysler Crossfire Forum. Das Forum für Crossfirefans.
  • Thank you Markus. Using the A in front of the part number makes it easier. ;)

    I am guessing, please tell me if I am wrong, that one of those models beeps when unlocking/locking the car, the other one doesn't?

    Thanks again.