New Crossfire forum member from Holland

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    • New Crossfire forum member from Holland

      Hallo, hello, Guten Tag,

      My name is Ray de Wilde (Raymond), i am 52 years of age but still crazy from special designed cars just like the Crossfire. I'm living in Tiel - Holland near by Arnhem and Nijmegen, just 25 minutes from the German border. My crossfire 3.2 is build in 2004 but is imported from Germany in the year 2007.

      Since april the 4th 2017 i am the owner and need to know all the in's and out's from these car concept. I like to do some things on every car like lowering, spoilers and diffusors, rims and many more.

      In Holland we don't have a forum with updated news like yours, this is the main reason that i join the Chrysler Crossfire Forum. I have a lots of photo's from my car.

      I'm gonna explore this very nice forum the coming weeks.

      Many thanks to make me a part of the family.

      Yours in Crossfire Ray de Wilde
    • Hello Ray,

      welcome to the Chrysler Crossfire Forum and thanks for your introduction.

      If you need more infos about the cars history the Crossfire history is a good point to start for shure – unfortunately only available in german language.

      Concerning the other topics, please use the forums search function. But you'll have to search for the right german terms. So some key words you can search for:

      lowering = Tieferlegung
      rims = Felge or Felgen
      spoiler = Spoiler – OK that was easy. ;) You can search for Frontschürze or Heckschürze also.

      Do you know the US Chrysler Crossfire Forum? Maybe that might be also a very good information source for you, because it's in english language. Just check it out:

      Regards to the Netherlands,
      Markus :winke:
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