Hi from British Columbia!

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    • Hi from British Columbia!


      my name is Ron and I live in the suburbs of Vancouver BC. I started "West Coast Crossfires" to post pictures from our local runs. This has lead to many good runs throughout BC, Canada and Washington and Oregon in the USA. I am currently on the "Sunshine Coast Run" on the West Coast of British Columbia where we have had 15 cars join us for a couple of excellent runs along the coast. We have 2 more runs planned for tomorrow.

      I have had my Crossfire roadster for 9 years - it is graphite grey with a cedar and slate interior. I also have a SSB coupe that I purchased a little over a year ago. Both are autostick.

      I saw pictures from your calendar and asked to join your group! I also have the only? 1/18 scale crossfire roadster that I purchased from Germany!
    • Hi Ron,

      welcome on board.

      Memories come up with your appearance here, because this year we've had the best holiday trip ever in Canada going from Calgary to Vancouver Island with RV and car – great nation!

      We had a short stay in Delta and Ritchmond. The only bad memory: RV Campground Brownsville – OMFG.

      Enjoy it here!
    • Thanks everyone!

      Markus, I think the model is made of tin. It has metal wheels and interior. It is heavy, almost 4 pounds!

      Rene, Glad you enjoyed the trip. Calgary to Vancouver Island is very nice drive -So sorry you found Brownsville - not the place anyone would recommend!!

      Thank you Ralf!

      Here is a picture from our West Coast Drive today